About Tony online games services:

  • Unlike other power leveling companies, we do not keep the gold and items obtained while we level your character and sell them. Nothing obtained while playing your character(s) is kept by us. That's our guarantee.
  • You have control over the speed & flexability of the power leveling. You can order part time leveling and have time to play yourself on your own schedule or you may order full time and get your order done as fast as possible.
  • Our prices are very reasonable. A real person plays your character, not a bot. You keep all the gold made while we level your character & you keep all the items. This to say, when we get finished power leveling your character, you will have gold and items as well, not just levels.
  • We are available 24/7 and have three (3) departments dedicated to World of Warcraft. We will keep you up to date on the process of your power leveling via email.
  • We do NOT use macros or bots. All work is done by the two hands of our worker. We will appear AFK to all others and we'll simply say "Hi" when a GM sends a tell. You can use our service with confidence, we will not get your account banned as it's not possible with our services.

Guarantee policy

  • The following special conditions will not be offered any compensation by us:
  • NO compensation when we don't receive any claim or dispute within 24hrs after we finished the work and send email to inform our customers.
  • NO compensation when there is no evidence to prove our powerleveler caused the damage.
  • NO compensation when we don't receive any claims or reply within 10 days after the damage happened
  • NO compensation for the additional items lost(gears,weapons or other items) after the damage happened
  • what do you do when a damage occur during the process of leveling?
  • normally we have three ways to do this while a damage occurs.
  • Please inform us via live chat, contact us once a damage occurs.
  • we need your cooperation to find out the real reason which causes damage. If it is our fault, you can get a full compensation.
  • once we recieved the claim, our customer support will view the case, estimate the loss and make a final decision on this issue within 3-4 business days.we will choose a partial or full refund to fix this problem If the damage is light. also if you don't want a refund, our customer support will make a deal with you like redo the powerlevel that you paid or any other way you want.

Tony frequently asked questions :

  • Q. How to get refund?
  • If you want to stop the service and get the refund, please follow the procedure below!
  • please contact our sales. Give us your info and make a request to stop the service. We will stop the service immediately and the cost of service will be stop upon the request.
  • our manager will check how much should be refunded and confirm with u before we sent a refund. normally a refund can be received within 12 hrs.
  • Q. How do you level my character?
  • We assign 2 or 3 expert players to your character to do the leveling; the person playing your character has a very good understanding of how your specific class is played. Your character is primarily leveled via what is commonly known as "grinding," where we play solo simply killing monsters over and over. However we do sometimes do simple quests to obtain experience. We have extensive knowledge of your game's world and know the best areas & quests to level your character as fast as possible.
  • Q. Do you use bots or macros?
  • No! We do not use any bots or macros to perform our services. We have over 400+ employees that personally work on your character. This ensures your character is leveled the safest way possible.
  • Q. Will you use my character to PK (player-kill) or KS (kill-steal)?
  • No! We will never involve your character in PKing, KSing, farming or any other behavior that is frowned upon.
  • Q. What do you do if someone sends a tell to my character?
  • Normally we will respond as if AFK when another player sends you a tell, however if a GM sends you a tell we will say hello to him or her. We can respond in any way you like though. If you have any specific answers you would like us to use, please just let us know and we will be sure to use them.
  • Q. Do I keep the money & items gained while you play my character?
  • YES! We, unlike other power leveling services, do not keep your gold or items.
  • Q. I understand it takes multiple days to level my character, but I want to play with my friends during the week; am I able to play while you are leveling my character?
  • Of course! You may schedule time for us to level your character or for you to play yourself. You may also order art time services from us and pay by 24 hour days instead of per level.
  • Q. After I pay, how quickly can you start my order?
  • Normally, we start working on your order within one hour after receiving it. Sometimes our departments can get full and it may take longer for your order to start. You can be assured that once free workers are available, we will start on your order. Remember, we do not use bots or macros and all work is done by a real person.
  • Q. What security precautions are taken to protect my personal information?
  • We take your privacy extremely seriously. We have systems in place to screen every order and protect who has the given orders information. Information given to us is never disclosed to any third parties and is only given to those in our company who need it to complete your order. Once your order is completed, please do change your password.
  • Q. Are you affiliated with any other gaming companies?
  • No. We are an independent company that is 100% focused on providing services in massively multiplayer games. We have no affiliations with any game related companies at this time.

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